I cannot recommend Mitch and everyone at AOST more highly. Back in 2007 I had a car accident resulting in a bad fracture of my tibia. This combined with the fact that i was very out of shape at the time of the accident led my surgeon to give me a pretty bleak likelihood for a reasonable recovery. Mitch worked extensively to get me back on my feet. By the end of our work together, he had my leg working better than before I had the fracture. When I expressed an interest in working even harder to get back into shape, Mitch and everyone at AOST led the way to get me in the best shape of my life, helping me achieve athletic goals I was told were going to be impossible after my fracture. I've since sent several friends and family members to Mitch and he has helped them remarkably. I've also sustained additional injuries over the yearst. Mitch has devised ingenious ways to help me with each one. I cannot recommend Mitch more highly as a clinician, and invested partner in recovery, and an immensely generous and skilled health care provider. Thank you Mitch!!

Fred F.

Mitch and everyone at Advance Orthopedic and Sports PT rocks it! An amazing crew, willing and able to get you back into shape... They have helped me so much in getting over injuries and helped good friends and family members too... Can't recommend Mitch and everyone here enough!

Fred F.

For physical therapy, we have only used Mitch and Advance Orthopedic and Sports Therapy! Many, many, many times!

Inga F.

Great physical therapist. Caring and personalized. Highly recommended.

Sanford G.

AOST helped me learn to walk again after a serious car accident left me with a broken pelvis. I can't thank them enough for giving me my life back... and no residual pain!

Andrea P.

Could not have done it without you. I still remember not being able to bend it. Thank you and your team.

David R.

Hi Mitch,

I would like to Thank You very much for your wonderful and compassionate care during my recovery from my hip replacement and also your motivation while under your care. I had a great visit with My Orthopedic surgeon, and was most impressed with my progress. He said you did a great job. I have been officially discharged from Physical Therapy and just to continue my exercise's at home. Thank you again to you and your staff, I would highly recommend your facility.

Peg H.

None better then here.

John P.